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SCA Demo at Yosemite Chivalry and Fantasy Festival

Saturday June 1st, 2024 to Sunday June 2nd, 2024
Mariposa, California

SCA Heavy and Steel combat demo at the Yosemite Chivalry and Fantasy Festival. For more Information please contact Rhys ap Gwion Baird at

Terrain Description: Fairgrounds
Site Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible
Electrical Outlets
Close / Handicap Parking
Cell Phone Reception
Amenities on Site: Stone Privies
Portable Privies
Potable Water
Shopping near by
Fire Pits: West Kingdom Conventions
Modern Lighting: Such as Street/ Walkway lights
RV Parking
RV Hookups
Additional Comments: This is being submitted for Calendar entry for insurance application.

Event Steward: Rhys ap Gwion Baird (Clifton Muller) — Email: — Phone: 916-425-1917

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Event Starts Jun 01 at 8:00 AM and ends Jun 02 at 4:00 PM
Site Fee: 
This is a Demo. There is no site fee

Best Route to Highway 120 East towards Yosemite.