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Spring Crown Tournament

Friday March 22nd, 2024 to Sunday March 24th, 2024

Greetings glorious West Kingdom! March Crown 2024 approaches and this year it will be spent at Bolado Park (San Benito County Fairgrounds in Tres Pinos, California.
We will join their Majesties, as they seek to find their heirs to the Western Thrones.

To all fighters who wish to enter the crown tournament: Their Majesties will host a double-elimination winners and losers bracket tournament. Fighters with zero losses will remain in the winner bracket. Fights with one loss will move to the single-loss bracket. Once a fighter loses in the second bracket, fighters will be eliminated.

Terrain Description: The site is a county fairgrounds. The main portions of the list field and around, are grass/earth. There is a gopher issue, so terrain is bumpy, but traversable by a wheelchair. The camping area is surrounded by gravel or alternatively paved roads.
• Onsite there will be ADA compliant portable restrooms.
• Dogs are allowed on leashes at all times UNLESS the park is also having a livestock show, in which case, only service animals will be allowed. At this time we do not know of a livestock show happening. If a conflict arises, we will make it known asap.
• We are allowed to use the stone privies UNLESS the arena has been rented to another group. The stone privies are at our disposal as a courtesy, we have not rented that area. If a conflict arises, we will make it known asap.
• We will be entering using GATE 2, which is the gate by the large hall, and the livestock office.

Bodies of water on/near site:
Insects or wild animals to be aware of on/ near site:
Site Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible
Close / Handicap Parking
Cell Phone Reception
Amenities on Site: Stone Privies
Portable Privies
Potable Water
Fire Pits: West Kingdom Conventions
RV Parking
RV Hookups
Pet Friendly
Additional Comments: RVs need to contact the park directly

Event Steward: Þóra Rauðbjarnardóttir (Denee Krzyzanski) — Email: — Phone:  707-407-6003
Co-Steward: Sheryl Thorson (Elinora O'Connor) — Email: — Phone: 916-868-1307

Start Time: 
Starts Friday Mar 22, 2024, 12:00 PM and Ends Sunday Mar 24, 2024, 12:00 PM
Site Fee: 
Adult Non-Member Registration: $30; Adult Member Registration: $25; Children/ Minor Registration: 17 and under free; Family Cap: No family cap