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Welcome to the Province of Silver Desert

The Silver Desert Province is a province of the Kingdom of the West, in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). Anachronism is defined as the condition of being chronologically out of place. We re-enact the middle ages, 600-1600 AD as they should have been; no plagues, and all are treated equally as lords and ladies.

The West Kingdom covers Northern California, Nevada, and Alaska east of the ocean, and Japan, Korea, and the Pacific Rim on the west side of the ocean.

The Principality of Cynagua encompasses the Northern Central Valley and the Sierras of California and the Northwestern section of Nevada.

The Province of the Silver Desert includes the Reno-Sparks area of Nevada. We have occasional get-togethers and fighter practice occurs on Sunday. Please see the calendar of events for more information.

There is something for everyone. We have willing and well-studied mentors in the areas of various arts, sciences, crafts, and skills. If you are into the middle ages, want an unusual experience, or are just curious, come check us out!

Fight Practice is held twice a week:

Sundays at 1:PM at Cottonwood Park in Sparks.
Thursdays at 6:PM at Canyon Creek Park in NW Reno.

For more information about the Province of the Silver Desert, contact the seneschal, Daniel de Blare.